Don’t Allow Your Office 365 Project to Get Derailed

Incompatible desktop software and outdated infrastructure are among the most common disruptions to Office 365 migrations
  • An estimated 31% of user desktops are running operating system versions not supported by Office 365
  • An estimated 20% of user desktops are running Office software versions not compatible with Office Pro Plus
  • An estimated 43% of user desktops are running browser versions not supported for Office 365
Health Check for Office 365 easily and remotely assesses your entire corporate network for Office 365 migration readiness


How it Works

Health Check for Office 365 deploys a lightweight agent through Group Policy or email to relevant on-premises and remote workstations, servers, and devices to collect critical data concerning incompatibilities that may affect your Office 365 deployment. When you choose Cohesive Logic as your Office 365 Partner of Record, there is no charge for the service.



Remedy any compatibility and infrastructure issues prior to beginning your Office 365 deployment
  • Plan better and eliminate surprises
  • Develop a complete pre-migration readiness plan
  • Plan resources better by incorporating desktop and infrastructure remediation
  • Meet migration deadlines and eliminate disruptive surprises and delays

What Health Check for Office 365 Includes

When you signup for Health Check for Office 365, we’ll perform the following tasks at no charge to you:

  • Initial remote consultation to go over the Health Check
  • We’ll assist in deploying the Health Check agent through Group Policy or mass-email.
  • We’ll analyze the results of the scan and identify all issues that can block or delay your deployment, along with specific recommendations for remediation.

Is It Really Free?

Yes, there is no charge to you as long as you designate Cohesive Logic as your Partner of Record with Office 365. If you don’t want to designate Cohesive Logic as your Partner of Record, there is a $1,000 flat rate fee for the assessment.

Do You Want To Know More?

We’ve never been fond of high pressure sales tactics, and didn’t think our customers would be either, so we don’t employ any salespeople. If you’re interested in learning more about our services or scheduling a no-pressure free consultation, feel free to reach out to us at your convenience via the below form, call us at (888) 799-4599, or email [email protected].