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At Cohesive Logic, Happiness is now a primary function of every team member’s job. Every interaction we have with customers now gives them the opportunity to rate how happy we made them. To keep things above board, the ratings are collected and processed by an unbiased 3rd party, Customer Thermometer. Now, as part of our drive towards transparency with our customers, we’re making it public.

If you navigate over to our Happiness-as-a-Service page, you’ll find live, unfiltered results of the 100 most recent customer ratings, our realtime happiness percentage, and our realtime Net Promoter Score. We don’t filter this and don’t delete any ratings.

Where do the ratings come from?

There are three primary sources of the ratings, and all ratings count towards our overall score.

First, we send out monthly surveys to 10-15% of our users, rotated randomly throughout the year.

Second, we’re rolling out email signatures across the board that give our customers the opportunity to rate every email interaction with us.

Lastly, we automatically send a quick and easy survey every time we archive a ticket that asks users a simple question; “How did we do?”. From here, the user simply has to click on their icon that matches their experience.

That’s it! It’s a pretty straightforward process that gives us detailed metrics that we use for team member reviews, to identify training opportunities for our team, and to make sure we’re hitting the goals we’re setting internally.

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