Introducing the New Cohesive Logic

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Over the past year we’ve invested a significant amount of time listening to the issues and challenges our customers brought to us and thinking about the pain those issues caused. In the end, we tracked it down to two main issues: People relying on technology that doesn’t meet their needs and IT departments that are considerably overburdened.

We knew there were good solutions to ease the pain, and we strongly considered simply expanding our service offerings to help customers feel some relief. Then we thought it through and realized that most of our customers didn’t know the services we offered in the first place, which quickly led us to the conclusion that confusing our customers further wasn’t a sound business strategy. We realized that the time was ripe for a fundamental change in how we do business. So, we changed.

Introducing the New Cohesive Logic

You talked. We listened. While we’re still (mostly) the same company we’ve always been at heart, we’ve changed our approach to focus on three main service areas:

  1. Managed Services to maintain your existing infrastructure.
  2. Project Services to design and deploy new technologies.
  3. Cloud Services to help you leverage the cloud to augment your on-premises IT infrastructure.

And we’re doing it with a focus on driving business forward and delivering a positive return on investment, with most services incurring a flat monthly per user fee.

By combining best-in-class software and services, the deep technical expertise we’ve always brought to the table, and adding a healthy dash of business savvy, we’ve built what we like to think are unparalleled service offerings.



Managed Services combine expert support, business savvy, and process-driven IT designed to benefit companies from 10 to 10,000 seats – all delivered at a flat monthly per user fee.


Project Services include design, deployment and migration services from our team of experts, resulting in an IT infrastructure that meets your business requirements while maintaining industry best practices.


Cloud Services for Office 365, Azure, and Amazon Web Services allow you to leverage the unique power of the cloud to accelerate your business, reduce costs, and increase productivity with one flat monthly per user fee that’s easy to budget for.

A New Website Too!

We’ve redesigned our website to make it easy for anyone to learn more about the services we offer, and encourage you to let us know what you think of it.

We’ll be posting more information about each of our new services over the coming weeks so be sure to subscribe to our blog!


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