Health Check for Office 365

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We’re happy to announce that Health Check for Office 365 is now available!

We’ve performed a large number of migrations to Office 365 and the main issues we encounter are the same ones Microsoft recommends checking for, with workstation health, OS version, application versions, and bandwidth speeds being the largest culprit. To avoid these issues in the future, we now offer Health Check for Office 365, a service that deploys a lightweight agent via Group Policy or mass email that collects critical data on workstations, servers, devices, and your network. We then turn that data into a written remediation plan that allows you to avoid any issues with your Office 365 deployment.

The best part? Health Check for Office 365 is available FREE

Let Microsoft pay to ensure you’re ready for Office 365! When you choose Cohesive Logic as your Office 365 Partner of Record, Microsoft pays Cohesive Logic advisor fees so we waive the $1,000 we would otherwise charge. We’ll help you plan better, eliminate surprises, and develop a complete pre-migration readiness plan at no charge.

What Health Check for Office 365 Includes

When you signup for Health Check for Office 365, we’ll perform the following tasks at no charge to you:

  • Initial remote consultation to go over the Health Check
  • We’ll assist in deploying the Health Check agent through Group Policy or mass-email.
  • We’ll analyze the results of the scan and identify all issues that can block or delay your deployment, along with specific recommendations for remediation.
Do you want to know more?

Head over to the Health Check for Office 365 service description, or contact us to get started today.

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