Enabling SNMP on the Ubiquiti Unifi Security Gateway

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We’re a big fan of Ubiquiti networking equipment, largely due to the central management and the fact that it just works. Nothing is perfect though, and one of the few issues we’ve seen with the equipment is the lack of SNMP out of the box with their Unifi Security Gateway appliances, with no way to enable it through the GUI. Since we provide full monitoring and management of customer environments in our Concierge Care service, this is something that we had to find a fix for. Luckily it’s pretty simple.

Enabling SNMP on your Unifi Security Gateway (USG) appliance

SSH into your USG. If you’re running Windows, we recommend PuTTY; Mac OS X and Linux have native SSH clients. Once you’re logged in, execute the below commands, replacing the <Variables> with information relevant to your site.


edit service snmp community <Community Name>

set client <IP Address of SNMP Monitoring Service>

set authorization ro




Note: This will give you readonly permissions on the LAN side of the gateway, which is likely the only thing you want. To keep the settings with a reboot, execute the below command:

mca-ctrl -t dump-cfg > /tmp/config.gateway.json

Then copy the config.gateway.json out and import it into your controller. If you have any issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for assistance.

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